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Lecture 3

SSC 360 Lecture 3: Week 3

Interdisciplinary Social Sci
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SSC 360
Stan Radon

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State Environmental Quality Review
- Most projects/activities proposed by a state agency or local government and all
discretionary approvals from an NYS agency or local unit of government require an
environmental review prescribed by 6 NYCRR Part 617 State Environmental Quality
Review (SEQR)
- Requires sponsoring or approving governmental body to identify and mitigate the
significant environmental impacts of the activity it is proposing or permitting
- State and local government agencies must consider environmental, social, and
economic impacts of a project in decision making
Environmental Review
- State’s Goals
- Protect, maintain and or improve environmental quality
- Involve public and other stakeholders in the process
- Ensure compliance with permits/regulation approvals
- Developer’s Goals
- Complete project on a timely schedule
- Minimize conflict and controversy
- Keep costs down, maximize financial benefits
- Public goals
- Maintain or improve quality fo life or other resources
- Realize environmental and economic benefits
- Provide meaningful input in-process and influence outcomes
Classify the Action
- Type 1: an action that exceeds a threshold may require a draft EIS
- Unlisted: does not exceed threshold contained in Type 1 list and is not on Type 2 list.
Requires determination of significance & may require EIS
- Type 2: determined not to have a significant environmental impact and will not require an
Complete EAF - Type 1
- Full EAF must be prepared for all Type 1 actions. The sponsor applicant completes Part
1 of the EAF
- When the lead agency is established, that agency is responsible for completing Part 2 of
the EAF, and Part 3 if needed
Complete EAF - Unlisted Actions
- A short EAF must be completed for all Unlisted Actions
- Unlisted actions range from very minor activities to actions falling just below the Type 1
Coordinate Review
- Type 1: coordinated review is required by all agencies
- Unlisted actions: option for coordinated review
Determine Significance
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