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Lecture 5

SSC 360 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Sewage Treatment

Interdisciplinary Social Sci
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SSC 360
Stan Radon

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Conditioned Negative Declaration Unlisted Actions
If it determines that any potentially significant impacts could be eliminated to a
nonsignificant level, through imposed
- The division of the environmental review of action so that various activities or stages are
addressed as if they were independent
Land Use and Development
Every type of action will produce changes to land use and requires comprehensive EA
Actions and projects
- Will have direct effects
- While others may change or have secondary impacts
Land-use and Development (LUD)
- LUD impacts are both neighborhood impacts and economic effects
- LUC impacts are combined community effects, relocations, travel patterns, and
economic effects
- These are socioeconomic effects
Study Area
- The study area should reflect the full reach of possible effects
- One size does not fit all
- Building a grocery store has limited study area but traffic impacts may be a larger area
Existing and Planned Use
- Coordination with local Planning and Zoning Officials to:
- 1. What are existing and planned use and zoning
- 2. Identify problems or inconsistencies
- 3. Identify goals for land use and economic development
- 4. Coordinate review throughout project study phase
Land-Use map
- The EA or EIS should have a land-use map that clearly delineates
- 1. Residential
- 2. Commercial or Industrial
- 3. Parks, green space
- 4. Agricultural farmland *special attention
- 5. Mixed (commercial/residential)
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