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LIN 205
Rui Chaves

PHONOLOGYSound Patterns Native speakers know that certain words are possible in English Slish screnk bnick lsihs rcsekn nbik Phonetically speech is just a sequence of segments Phonologically speech is layeredSyllables any speaker is able to split words into syllables Improvise improvise improvise VowelsV and consonants C are grouped in certain waysPhonotactic constraints conditions on sound combinations Native Japanese speaker will syllablize English words differently Strike sutoraikuThe vowel at the center of the syllable is a peak of sonority amplitude of the sound rises before V and falls after it Vowel S is much less sonorous than L sl is a possible prevowel cluster ls is a possible postvowel cluster Slick pulse Why do words rhyme Me see tea flea whiskey i At cat combat aristocrat Dogs logs frogs Bench trench quench onsets dont matter for rhymes CombatSyllablesyllable Onset rhymeonsetrhyme nucleus codanucleus coda Pig Latinmessing with the syllable structure illustrates the ability to follow structureNucleus has a suprasegmental information like pitch and stress Filled with a vowel not always Consonants can occur Onsets and codas are optional nucleus is not Applying the phonotactic constraints of one language while speaking another causes a foreign accent The Englishza French Think Englishtink Spanish Phonological processes Assimilation adjacent segments become more similar Mouth is anticipating the next sound blending the adjacent segments together assimilating properties of the following sound unbelievable Phenomenon Nasal
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