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INTRO TO SYNTAXThe study of sentence structure How words and things combine to create more complicated unitsA sequence of words can result in different combinations The reporter said that the elephant died yesterday Please put the block in the box on the table Robin told the professor that everyone hates a lie The room contained noisy children and animals People with children who use drugs should be locked up I forgot how good beer tastesI didnt know that the submarine sank I didnt know the boat that the submarine sankSometimes people choose the wrong word combination I convinced her children are noisy Fat people eat accumulates The man whistling tunes pianos The cotton clothing is made of grows in Mississippi The girl told the story criedSentences have restricted flexibility John called Mary up on the phone John called up Mary on the phone John went a mountain upAllhalf the kids were very happy The kids were allhalf very happyTom sent Robin a love letter Tom sent a love letter to Robin A love letter was sent to Robin by Tom It was Tom who sent Robin a love letter Subconscious syntactic rules Languagespecific grammaticality judgments This person is tall Person this is tallMasuk wak kulak ti Person this tall be This person is tall ProductiveCreative we produceunderstand novel sentences It is impossible to memorize all possible sentence of English
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