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LIN 205
Rui Chaves

INTRO TO SEMANTICSThe study of linguistic meaningSyntax determines the order of wordphrases combination and therefore the meaning of the sentence 1 1The cow chased the farmer with an axe 2The cow chased the farmer with an axe 2 1Unlockable 2Unlockable SyntaxSemantics A syntactically wellformed sentence can be semantically oddYou colorless green ideas sleep furiously A semantically coherent sentence may be prohibited by syntax Tom saw Mary withand Tim Who did Tom see Mary with Who did Tom see Mary and Kim is drunk Kim is drunken Why did you go home Why did you went home How come you went home Home come did you go homeThere are two central aspects to linguistic meaningSense the abstract mental characterization of a concept CATwhiskers tail fur four legs triangular ears slit eyesthe capitalized word refers to a concept Restricts what words can refer to A cat is asleepa dog is asleep Establishes relations between word meanings If a kitty is asleep is true then a cat is asleep is also true Reference relation between a word and something in the world For example the word you and John can refer to the same thing in a certain context but do not have the same meaning Depends on context Monday a dog was sleeping on my doorstep Tuesday a dog was barking on my window Though the words mean the same thing they could be referring to different objects Does not always occur No cat can resist the joy of chasing a ball Did you see any cat Since reference can vary we will represent it with a variable x y k n z
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