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Lecture 4

PSY 321 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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PSY 321
Erica Nuss

09-24-15 Traint III: stability 1. Other trait models 1) Essesntial trait models - Block’s two factor: ego resiliency and ego control 2) Three factor models (Tellegen) - Positive emotionality, negative emotionality and constraint 3) Other models 2. Stability 1) Overview a. How consistent is personality? b. When does personality become consistent 2) Two ways to study: a. Mean level b. Rank level 3) Mean level (average) a. Description: general level or the general amount of the trait at different stages of development (different ages), focus on the average amount of the trait in the whole population, not focusing on one individual; b. Ways to study: - Cross-sectional: different groups of people at different ages, advantage: relatively quickly gather all the data you want (you can study everyone at once) Disadvantage: being into different generations is more important than who you are (confound: the social experience of that generation gets mixed up with their personality) - Longitudinal: follow the same group of people and study their traits Advantage: eliminate the confound effects Disadvantage: hard to follow, takes a long time c. Results - Neuroticism: tends to decrease over time (as you get older) - Conscientiousness: tends to increase over time - The two above are the strongest - Agreeableness: a trend of increase agreeableness over time - Openness: a slight tendency to increase overtime (some shows no change to openness) - Extraversion: it’s hard to definite the extraversion level, some show that it’s pretty study and some show that there is an increase of extraversion follow by the dominance level and positive emotion effect - Gender may have an effect on any personality trait d. Therapy and personality (Piedmont, 2001) - Assessed over 6 weeks (a 6 week program study
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