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Lecture 14

SOC 101 Lecture 14: The Body

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SOC 101
Jared Strohl

The Body Objectivity When you look at the image of yourself, you are perceiving yourself as an object Seeingtreating a person as an object is referred to as objectication Objective vs. Subjective We perceive bodies as objects in images, videos, even in everyday life (objectively) But who you are right now in this moment, the feeling you get when you look at the picture, the texture of your phone while you hold it, the sounds youre hearing right now in the class, the act of reading these words right now this is your experience as a subject We experience our body as a subject during each moment of the day (subjective) Sociology, science in general, tends to focus more on objectivity because it can be generalized to more than 1 person. Similar to what we have learned about the individual vs. society But the human body isnt only an object think about the below topics we have learned about this semester Race, Class, Gender, Work, Family, Education We can look at each objectively subjectively Sexualities can be thought of objectively, but theyre also incredibly subjective! Pleasure, desire, attraction, love, companionship are all felt experiences Inequality A major focus in sociology is social inequality, but why do we care so much about people being unequal? The Subjective Body Think about your everyday life, how often you experience the following in your own body: Hunger, Pain, Happiness, Frustration, Boredom, Laughter Emotions is often how we describe some of this Why do you do the following things Listen to music, Eat your favorite foods, Watch TVmovies, Hang out with friends, Drink alcoholsmoke (if you do), Have a pet (if you do), Travel, Do sexual stuff But accounting for these subjective experience is difcult to do scientically Sociology objectively assigns people to social categories,social spaces (e.g. institutions, cities, websitesapps) Neuroscience objectively views experience through the brain But there are some examples Classical Theory Marx Alienation worry about that if you work on something you hate, youre going to be separated from yourself (capitalism) Weber the Iron Cage worry about living in a world with jobs homes, the world is dead Durkheim Anomie worry about separation from other people. Simmel Money worry about interaction with people is with money. Money will be valued. Feminist Theory Haraway Embodied Knowledge
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