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Lecture 3

SOC 387 Lecture 3: SOC 387 02.09.17

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University at Buffalo
SOC 387
Watoii Rabii

Recap: - Manifest Destiny: American Indians and Mexican Americans were heavily affected. - This was a “necessity” because there was a demand for labor. - Annexed Mexico (economic reasons) & Indian Removal (religious reasons). - Monroe Doctrine: Supported Mexico when they wanted independence from Spain. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Scientific Racism: Key Players: - Gobineau: “Racial differences explain human differences.” - Shift from monogenism: all come from one creator, “the doctrine or belief that all human races have descended from a single created pair or from a common ancestral type.” (Merriam-Webster) - Break to polygenism: yes we do, but some are human, and some are sub-human. (The negation of monogenism) - Look back at the 18th century, Taxonomies. - Considered with reproduction, prosperity for future generations. - Herbert Spencer (after Darwin) - Survival of the fittest (Social Darwinism). - Evolution popular - Slavery, colonialism, chinese exclusion all explained because one race was deemed “more fit.
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