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Lecture 4

UGC 111 Lecture 4: UGC111unit4 (1)

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UGC 111
Boyd Timothy

Europe in the Middle Ages 1: Carolingians and Invasions Long history of contact between Romans and Germanic tribes Bad contact: Wars fighting Good contact: Trade along frontiers Germans hired as auxiliary soldiers or foederati Ancient Rome provided benefits in exchange of military assistance Romans accept German refugees, or laeti Communities of foreigners, outside of the empire Theodoric the Ostrogoth (king of the Ostrogoth estern god) Theodoric Ruled 471 526 Established his court at Ravenna (Italy) Mixed German and Roman customs and dress Have coin like Roman Invited Roman scholars to his court He is an Arian Arianism: the belief that God and Jesus are different In Ravenna: Theodorics Palace, Theodorics Mausoleum and his Baptistery Interior, Ceiling The Merovingians Modernday France Clovis, the descendent of the ancient warrior Merovech establishes the Merovingian kingdom Clovis is his grandson Clotilde Clovis wife Was an orthodox (not Arian) Christian Used Clovis fears about succession as leverage for her religion Their first son died After their second son survived a near death, she attributed his survival to God. Clovis Conversion During a battle in which his forces were being slaughtered , Clovis prayed to his wifes god
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