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Lecture 1

UGC 111 Lecture 1: UGC111-unit1

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Undergraduate College
UGC 111
Boyd Timothy

Lecture 2 The Lithics Paleolithic (2.6 million years ago 10,000 bc) Paleo = old Lithic = stone Mesolithic (dont care) Neolithic (10,000 bc 3,500 bc) Neo = new Chalcolithic (3500 bc) Chalco = copperbronze Melt and reform to a new shape Paleolithic Huntergatherer (forager) Travel along, no settled home (scavenge) First people Evidence from Archaeology Factories finish tool, leftover stone Hunting Sites weapon tool, bones, animal Overhangs and Caves sleep Ursus spelaeus cave bear (next to the pig), people kill bear and get the skin also the pig. Stratification Strata Comparing with lives of modern foragers Atlatl Dart, there is a shaft long range weapon Native hunter Cave paintings and sculptures (~ 40,000 bc) Decoration? with hand print Magic? Religion? Fertility? Venuses ancient big body women sculpture All the accumulated knowledge of many generations (all ovals) causes to a new stage Neolithic (10,000 3,500 bc) More advanced stone tools Obsidian from the vacano Domestication of Plants Pros steady nourishment Cons narrowed diet, dependence upon seasons Domestication of Animals Settled in one place
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