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Lecture 2

UGC 111 Lecture 2: UGC111unit2

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UGC 111
Boyd Timothy

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Lecture 9 passage to India I: India to 300 AD Geography Topography 4 important landmark Himalaya Mountains wrist Vindhya Mountains Indus River pinky and middle finger Ganges River Neolithic Period Characteristics Settlements Nile (its flood) Weed and barley Agriculture and pastoralism (sheep and goat) Pottery production container to hold the food Indus ValleyHarappan Civilization (2800 1800 BC) 2 cities (Harappa capital and MohenjoDaro) At the indus river Provided information of the archaeology Writing (undeciphered) simple On big clay tablet Organized political structure Regular city plan(intersecting street) army and car through Crafts and trade (pottery; cotton, grain) Port of Lothal Trade with Sargon of Akkad Mudbrick building Common religious ideas and practices Female god
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