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University at Buffalo
Undergraduate College
UGC 112
Donald Mc Guire

UGC 112 – McGuire Lecture st April 1 , 2014 Overview: • Industrial Revolution – It was no an instantaneous process, but rather took an extremely long time to make the transition. o Changes:  Tools to machines, from rural to urban, from scarcity to abundance  Weather-driven to clock-driven  Early deaths to Longer Lives o A sustained, self-reinforcing improvement in productivity through automation o Increased Productivity:  In 1740 England produced 17,000 tons of iron  By 1840 England produced 3,000,000 tons of iron per year o Railways – A huge new infrastructure is built in the nations of Europe  They allowed for much more efficient transfer of goods  Railroads become extremely important in all of European work  Markets are no longer local, as trains vastly increase the realm of trading o Standardizations:  Railroads must be standardized to allow for effective movement of goods  The new “Culture of the Assembly Line”, things become uniform, and things working together. McGuire uses the example of Orchestras following conductors o Development of Mechanical and Steam based powers  Enhancement of fuels (fossil fuels)  New industries – textile industries and increased efficiency of iron production o Effects  Input of capital increases dramatically  Amount of consumption increases  Input of labor decreases  European and United States production increased at an unbelievable rate, while taking away the production from China and India o Public Health  Infant mortality rates drops by a factor of 60 in many places.  Life spans increase • England - affected extremely quickly as it is relatively small, and well watered, allowing for advancements to take hold and spread
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