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Sasha Pack

Versailles 1662: Parliamentary monarchy:wealthy land owners that passed down their title ⿞not a democracy ⿞parliament and nobles had a sort of agreement between them ⿞nobles fait tied to the king Louis XIV king age 5.Was rebelled against,when he was 10 • wanted to stop the nobles from turning the lower class/peasants against him. • Instead of allowing the nobles to train the peasants as militia he raised his own armies to go around France (to villages) and threaten people not to go against him • Bribed them with providing housing • Reward none aristocrats aristocratic titles if they stuck with him • Absolutism:many parts of Europe....Monarchy power Enlightened Despotism: • Rules with absolute power but follows the trends of enlightenment ⿞Such as religious tolerance ⿞Understood ruling with absolute power would eventually lead to rebellion Catherine the Great: • Despotism • Wanted to abolish torture • religious tolerance( mainly jewish) • End serfdom • Grant more right to surfs • Limit power of church Palace ofVersailles: • Louis the 14th of France • south west of paris • Loyal aristocrats of the crown would go th
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