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Lecture 6

GEOG 1266 Lecture 6: Soils

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GEOG 1266
Mike Daniels

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GEOG 1266 April 24, 2017 Pgs. 530-536 Lecture 6 -Soils- Outline: I. Definitions II. Properties a. Horizons b. Color c. Texture d. Structure Soil: A natural body of mineral and organic matter formed at Earth’s surface and capable of supporting plants. • Formed at Earth’s surface in a fixed spot (Soils don’t move) o Archives of environmental history. Integral of history of one spot. o Not as precise as tree rings o Mineral and organic matter Rocks that have been broken down and decomposed into organic matter • A soil=vertical slice Horizons : Boundaries between horizons may not always be clear (can be gradual) • O: o Just organic matter o Fresh leaf or completely broken down matter o Exposed • A: o Surface o Dark in color o High in organic matter o Where most of biological activity takes place ▪ Roots, critters, etc.
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