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Lecture 8

GEOG 1266 Lecture 8: Soil Distribution

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University of Denver
GEOG 1266
Mike Daniels

GEOG 1st6 May 1 , 2017 Pg. 540-554 Lecture 8 -Soil Distribution- Outline: I. Distribution a. C.L.O.R.P.T b. Soil Taxonomy c. Soil Orders i. Oxisols ii. Alfisols iii. Mollisols iv. Ardisols v. Spodosols CLORPT : • Hans Jenny (1941) o Factors of soil formation S or s = f (Cl, O, R, P, T…) S=Soil s=Any soil property Cl=Climate O=Organisms (veg.) R=Relief (topography or slope°) P=Parent Material (stuff that the soil forms in) T=Time Soil Taxonomy Oxisols : • Properties: o Strong reddish/yellowish colors o Weak horizons (indistinct differences between horizons) o Deep, thick, and old soils • Processes: o Intense mineral weathering o Leeching (base cations have been removed) ▪ Compounds of iron oxides and aluminum oxides are left behind o Limited organic matter additions • Distribution: o Humid tropical regions ▪ Tropical rainforests ▪ Tropical savannahs ▪ Hawaii, Australia, Central Africa, o Wet equatorial climate o 8% of total surface areas Alfisols: • Properties: o Horizon sequence (AEBt) ▪ A horizon is moderately developed (dark brown) o Horizons are moderately expressed horizons o Must be able to identify a photo o Colorado State SoilSeitz • Processes: o Modest amount of organic matter addition into soils o Clay translocation (water removes clay from E horizons and moves it to Bt) • Distribution: o Mid latitude forest soils o Leaves of deciduous trees o 10% of total surface areas Mollisols : • Properties: o Thick, dark A horizon (thicker than 18cm) o Surface A horizon is key feature ▪
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