INFO 2020 Lecture 6: Week 6-9 Notes

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Week 6-9 Notes
Objective Function
Maximize or minimize this
Starting point will usually be profits or cost
EX: maximizing profit (pg. 8 lesson 6)
Solving in Excel
Changing cells variables yellow
Executive summary
o 4-5 sentences
o I gathered this data, I learned this, and it means this
Recommendation early on, not on page 14
Model described
o Formula must be there and there needs to be an explanation of what
the variables are and what is going on
Model strength
o R, etc.
Process well presented
o Lots of detail on the first variable
o Then say we did a similar process as the first variable
Initial data analysis
o Part 2 analysis
o Ranges of values
o Whether or not variables look normal
Appendix snap shot of your data?
Supporting illustrations
o See graphs and charts if they make sense
o No need for paragraphs if you can say see the chart
o Get point across right away
o Then support it with here’s how I got to this conclusion
Shadow price how much is it going to cost to make a 1 unit change
Valid in allowable increase/decrease range
4 tabs
o 1 for each part 1-3
o dashboard for total
o clear instructions labeled telling them what they can and cannot do
o what to do each day
find more resources at
find more resources at
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