INTS 2370 Lecture 4: Week 4 Notes

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Day 7 & 8
(egemonies don’t last
Hard to maintain advantage due to technology
Dutch done in 1650s
Britain in 1880s
1. Agro Industrial efficiency
a. R & D money is leaving development/manufacturing sector
b. Manufacturing sector becomes vulnerable
i. Other competitors are concentrating on R&D sector
c. Investment goes where profits are going to be greater
2. Commerce
3. Finance
Key is production
As this sector gets weaker, there is a very slow decline
Spanish-Dutch War
Treaty of Utrect 1579
End of first phase between war between Spanish and Dutch
o Continued for 60 more years
Shipping industry
Engine of the Dutch rise to power
Textiles (making of clothing)
Critical sector in Dutch industrialization
Earliest came from Belgium
o Bruge, Ghent, Antwerp all textile centers in Belgium
Swiss and Germans both recruited to fight on both sides
Troops must be paid
o Determines how long war goes on
Dutch gets money from Allies France
Spain gets money from mines in Mexico
o After 20-30, Spanish money is drained
Spanish army goes crazy and destroys Antwerp
o Antwerp is destroyed by Spain because it is center of manufacturing
and commerce
o Those that don’t die go to Amsterdam
o Amsterdam inherits high skilled manufacturing sector
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