INTS 2370 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Spice Trade, Banda Islands, Indo People

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Day 9 & 10
Wallerstein Article Week 4
Radicals and liberals have the same plan
Framework: Modernism
Material prosperity economics
Industrialization is code word for global capitalism
o It can deliver globally by making life better materially for people
across the world
o Not about global equality
o Whether rich or poor, you will be better off in modern world
Greater democracy political promise
Legitimacy of power shifts dramatically at French Revolution
o From sacred space (ruler has the right to rule because he is God’s
No mobility
o Changes to below (legitimacy comes from the people)
Since French revolution, all is based on modernism
Fairness is a big motivator of politics now
Human rights movement both politically and materially
o People didn’t revolt as much until they realized human rights are
Wallerstein’s Approach
Conservatism (republican), liberalism (democratic), radicalism
(left/socialist) all promising to deliver
o All share a belief in change
Economic and social
Difference is the pace at which change should take place
o Goal is the same but paths are different
o Relationship between markets and states only difference
1. Pace of change
a. Conservatives
i. Change, but it will take time
b. Radicals
i. Same changes, but faster and more thoroughly
c. Liberals
i. In the middle
2. Structure
a. Conservatives
i. More market, less state
ii. Social change for greater democracy
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