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Lecture 9

PSYC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Morpheme, Pragmatics, Language Acquisition Device

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PSYC 1001
Pamela Miller

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Language=an organized means of combining words in order to communicate with those around us.
Allows us to think about things and processes we cannot see, hear, feel etc.
Allows us to have ideas that may not have any tangible form
Properties of language
o Communicative
o Arbitrarily symbolic (represents the same word in different languages)
o Regularly structured (has to be a certain way)
o Structured at multiple levels
o Generative (use new terms, constantly changing)
o Dynamic
Phonology-the study of sounds
Morphemes- the study of the smallest unit of meaning within words (re-change, jump-ed)
Syntax-grammar, the arrangement of words into phrases, clauses, sentences
Semantics-the different meaning of the same sentence
Pragmatics- the style of speech, the social context of language
Development of language-comprehension and production, comprehension precedes production
o Comprehension-understanding of language
o Production-ability to produce the language
Phonetic development-comprehension
Differential perception-the ability to distinguish the sounds of language
Janet Werker
Categorical perception-taking the same sound and categorizing them together, even though
they may sound slightly different
Speech segmentation-where one word stops and the other one starts
Coarticulation-when you prepare for the second sound during the first sound
Phonetic development-production
Cry-different cries
Cooing- (2-3 months) happy, gurgling sounds
Babbling- (4-6 months)
Babbling with intonation contour- changes in intensity, pitch and duration in speech (opposite of
Vocables- vocalizations that have meaning to people who know the infant well but not to
strangers (10 months)
First words-(12 months) recognizable sounds and words
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