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Agricultural and Resource Economics
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March 10 The Chesapeake Bay grows many different crops. So it’s a struggle because there are so many different types of crops, so different fertilizer and different practices. Best Management Practice-best yields but reducing N, P, S Agriculture needs to get down to 33% of the total N load. Agriculture needs to get down to 39& of the total P load. Highest sources of P are basically the same as highest sources of N. the numbers of P are just a little smaller. Its actually more profitable to do no till farming. Some BMP’s are actually better for the farmers economy and actually better for the animals. So it helps everyone. Land retirement causes issues too. If there are not enough farms in one area, not enough specialized workers to do repairs and things. An estuary is a partially enclosed body of water formed where fresh water from rivers and stream flows into the ocean and mixes with salty seawater. Estuaries come in the form of bays, lagoons, harbors, inlets and sounds. Barnegat Bay is an example of a local estuary and displays the beautiful and diverse ecosystems typical of estuaries. Awatershed is all of the area that drains into the same water body. Precipitation falling onto the land within a particular watershed ultimately drains into this one body of water via streams, rivers, estuaries and underground aquifers. This water—and whatever pollutants it may contain—can travel many miles before emptying into a water body, like the ocean or bay. If the rain falling on your house ultimately flows into Barnegat Bay
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