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Lecture 5

ANSC 101 Lecture 5: ANSC 101 Beef

Animal Science
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ANSC 101

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ANSC 101 Lecture 5: Beef
Cattle Farmers
- US Industry = producers + processors + consumers
- Most livestock farmers own beef cattle in the US
-Bull: Sexually mature male
-Steer: Castrated male
-Calf: Young cattle, not sexually mature
Specialization into Beef Cattle and Dairy
- Improved breeds
- Specialized equipment
- Specialized labor
- Differing marketing requirements
Why so many beef producers
- By-product of land ownership
- Lower start up costs
- Lower labor demands
- Minimal predator concern
- Image of owning cattle
Beef Breeds
- British
Smaller frame
Better carcass quality
- Continental
Grow faster
More muscled
- Angus, Hereford, Limousin, Texan Longhorn
Commercial Cow/Calf Producers
- Majority of beef producers
- Brood cows
- Calve once per year
- All steers
- Raise calves until weaned
6-10 months
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