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Lecture 6

ANSC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Leghorn Chicken, Red Meat, Artificial Insemination

Animal Science
Course Code
ANSC 101
Kasey Moyes

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Poultry Industry
Poultry domesticated fowl raised for meat and eggs
Includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, emu, ostrich, and game birds
Top Turkey consumers: Israel, Slovakia, US, France, Hungary
o Toms male
o Hens females
o Poult/chick baby turkey
o Young male Jake
o Young female Jenny
Avg. market weight is 30lbs
Artificial insemination is used to fertilize eggs
16-22 weeks to production (hybrid strains)
Lameness severely reduced mobility litter quality problems
About 22M/year in US
Breeding for egg layers is not as successful as for chickens (highly specialized industry)
Marketed at 7wks of age, weighing about 3.1kg (7lbs)
Increasing market for duck eggs due to immigration
Increase in small (expensive) Peking farm industries
o Rooster male
o Cockerel (<1 year) male
o Hen female
o Pullet young female
Declining number of farms with chickens but increasing income
Commercial chicken breeds
o Ross
o Cobb
o Rhode Island
o White Leghorn
Technological advancements in Broiler production
o New breeds for meat
o Better nutrition
o Disease control
o Better management of confined poultry
o Improved facilities
o Better business models
o Application of science and research
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