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Lecture 10

ANSC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Animal Testing, American Association For Laboratory Animal Science, Grant Writing

Animal Science
Course Code
ANSC 101
Kasey Moyes

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Laboratory Animals
Biomedical research
The broad area of science that looks to prevent and treat diseases that cause illness and
death in people and animals
Laboratory Animal Science/Medicine
Individuals in the field make up the animal care part of the research team
Includes veterinarians, technicians, caretakers, policy specialists, etc.
Animal Welfare Advocate
Works to improve the conditions under which lab animals are used
Have been the driving force behind all significant legislative advances in lab animal
Laboratory Animal Technicians/Vets
Advocate for animals used in biomedical research
o Promote their welfare
o Provide daily care, monitoring, medical care
Acts as specialist on lab animal species
o Most scientists are NOT animal experts
Ensures regulations pertaining to the care and treatment of animals in research are
Ensures that protocols are followed
Supports research
Laboratory Animal Scientists
Kindness and concern for animals are desirable characteristics of anyone involved in
animal research
Empathetic and caring personnel see that animals are treated humanely and with respect
Animals receiving care from individuals exhibiting compassion, patience, sensitivity, and
kindness can thrive in the laboratory environment
American Association of Laboratory Animal Science
Non-profit group that supports, trains, certifies workers in the field of lab animal science
AALAS Learning Library great online resource
National and regional conferences each year
Brings lab animal workers together for lectures, training sessions, networking
Opportunities in Lab Animal Science
Cagewash Technicians
Animal Care Technicians
Laboratory Animal Technicians
Veterinary Technicians
Surgical Technicians
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