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Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 106
Alexandra Bely

Species Interaction  Levels of study: organismal, population, community: interactions among diff. species in an area, ecosystem  Key questions: what reg. pop size? What reg. species number? What reg. distribution of species?  Types of species interactions: competition (-/-), predation/parasitism (+/-), mutualism (+/+), commensalism (+/0), facilitation (+ or 0/+)  “effect”=effect on fitness of individuals involved (i.e.: survival, reproduction) o competition: mutually negative interaction between individuals resulting from resource limitation (space, niche, food, etc.); very important type of interaction in ecology, central to evolution by NATURAL SELECTION  Why is there leveling off in paramecium population? Carrying capacity, competition among individuals of SAME species (intraspecific) or among individuals of different species (interspecific), as density goes up MORE INTENSE competition  White rayed pentachaeta (pygmy daisy), highly endangered, found only on serpentine soils in one county of CA, is this
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