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University of Maryland
Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 202
Tammantha O' Brien

UrinarySystemFunctions of the Urinary SystemRegulate aspects of homeostasisWater balance with antidiuretic hormone ADHDetermined by KidneysAcidbase balance in the bloods by regulating plasma pHRegular plasma ionic composition electrolytes with aldosteroneRegulate blood pressure and blood volume by regulating plasma volume and plasma osmolarityRed blood cell production secrete erythropoietin stimulates RBC production when low oxygen level are detected and renin aka angiotensionogenase released in low blood pressureActivates Vitamin D3Steroid HormoneActivates Calcitriol Regulates Calcium Needed to absorbs Calcium Too much calcium Can cause it calcifying of the blood vessels Elimination of waste productsNitrogenous WastesToxinsDrugsDevelopmental Aspects of the Urinary SystemFunctional Kidneys are developed by the third monthUrinary system of a newbornBladder is smallUrine cannot be concentrated for first 2 monthsVoid to 540 times per dayDevelopmental Aspects of the Urinary SystemControl of the voluntary urethral sphincter does not start until age 18 monthsTropics train kids early because babies cant wear diapers due to heatComplete nighttime control may not occur may not occur until the child is 4 years oldAntidiuretic Hormone concentration increases at nightThis stops you from peeing all the time Alcohol is a diuretic so it counteracts the ADH effect At age 4 your body starts acting to a circadian rhythm Urinary infections are the most common problems before old age Escherichia coli EColi a type of bacteria accounts for 80 of UTI urinary tract infectionsE coli are actually beneficial because they help digest food E coli also is just there to occupy space rather than having pathogens in your GI Tract E coli poisioning because is when a person ingests E coli from someones fecal matter in some way Cranberry Juice makes lining in the urinary tract smooth so that bacteria cant stick to the urinary linings Structure of the Urinary SystemKidneys form urineUreters transport urine from kidneys to bladderBladder stores urineUrethra excretes urine from bladder to outside of the bodyUrinary BladderSmooth collapsible muscular sac
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