BSCI 283 Lecture 21: Lecture 21

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Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 283
Daniel Stein

Host Defenses 2 4/26/17 • Functions of Antibodies o Facilitates removal of phagocytes in opsonization o Antibodies do not kill, act as intermediated o Direct cell killing mechanism-recruit complement proteins, assemble complement, complement deposition o Antibody dependent cellular cytoxicity-allows host to kill selective cells o Use antibodies bound to cells to kill own cells • Specific Immune Responses o Specificity o Memory o Diversity o Tolerance • Immunological Memory o Prodromal period- exposed but disease is not recognized o 2 exposure never gets high enough to recognize that you were sick o Secondary response produces even more antibodies after number of antibodies has gone down o It takes time to mount primary immune response, it wanes over time, secondary response is much faster o Primary response for A has same kinetics as primary response for B o Activated cells need constant stimulation o Absence of stimulation leads to apoptosis • Autoimmunity o Defective tolerance o Pathogen shares structural similarities to host tissues • Streptococcus pyogenes o Obligate pathogen o Beta-hemolytic o Destroys human cells o Causes strep throat, scarlet fever, others o Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome o Necrotizing fasciitis o Immune re
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