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Lecture 1

BSCI 223 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Operon, Microbiology, Chromosome

Biological Sciences Program
Course Code
BSCI 223

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You review the literature about pMMO and learn that
pMMO is a membrane bound copper and iron containing
enzyme. The structural genes for this enzyme lie in a
three-gene operon named: pmoCAB. This operon codes
for the three integral membrane polypeptides: PmoC,
PmoA and PmoB of approximately 23, 27, and 45 kDa,
respectively that make up the final functional enzyme
pMMO (McDonald et al, 2008 Applied and Environmental
Microbiology, p1305-1315) For an excellent presentation,
you decide that the Heiress must understand the
answers to the following questions.
PAK 2.1A How are the pmoC, pmoA, and pmoB genes
arranged in the DNA? The freshman undergraduate in
the lab offers to draw the figures. Here they are (see
below). Which would you choose as the most useful and
accurate depiction of the arrangement of the pmoC,
pmoA, and pmoB genes in the chromosome of Mc? Give
reasons to support your choice
Image A is the best representative of the arrangement of
pmoC, pmoA, and pmoB genese in the Mc chromosome.
The diagram illustrates that these three genes are just a triad
of the many genes that compose the whole chromosome.
The different colors represent the different coding genes for
different properties of the organism (ie. Metabolism, taxis,
respiration, etc.)
Image for PAK 2.1A:
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Pak 2.1 B:
A gene includes a number of important sequences that
may be involved in transcription and translation :
Promoter, initiation and termination sequences, RBS,
start and stop codons.
For each of these, briefly describe its function (be sure
to indicate whether it is important for transcription or for
translation) and indicate whether you think it would be
important to include in your explanation to the Heiress.
A promoter is a sequence in DNA that promotes transcription
to occur. It is the site where RNA polymerase binds to in
order to initiate the production of an mRNA transcript.
The initiation sequence, where this occurs, is AUG; and the
3 possible codons for termination are UAA, UAG, and UGA.
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