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Lecture 1

BSCI 223 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Microorganism, Global Warming

Biological Sciences Program
Course Code
BSCI 223

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Global warming has increasingly
become problematic as years pass,
with fertilizers being a large contribution to
this pollution. Nitrous oxide contaminates the world’s atmosphere as a
greenhouse gas. We are proposing the genetic engineering of nitrogen fixating genes to an organism to
reduce this toxic component to nitrate. By doing so, we hope to eliminate the
need of fertilizers as the available nitrogen for plants will increase.
This environmentally friendly alternative will be introduced to cows for the production of an
alternative fertilizer. Since cows will be ingesting the microbe containing these nitrogen fixating genes,
they will pass through their rumen and out into manure. Cow manure can be used
as a fertilizer and with the new added component of nitrogen, past fertilizers
containing nitrous oxide will no longer have to be an option as plants can take
up nitrogen. Green house gases emitted from nitrous oxide containing fertilizers will be eliminated.
Using synthetic biology to combine two different genes: Nif (from m.capsulatus) and Nos (from P.
aeruginosa). First, Nosz converts nitrous oxide to nitrogen, and Nif converts nitrogen into nitrate- which is healthy for a
plant to take up as a nutrient source.
In order for E. coli to take up these genes,
MMO enzyme
Nif (activated
by NifA)
Nitrous Oxide NitrateNitrogen
P. aeuroginosa
M. capsulatus
Gene transformation
into E. coli
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