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Chapter 15-16 Persuasive speeches, credibility, giving presentations.pdf

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COMM 107

Chapter 15 Wednesday, November 20, 2013 10:28 AM Persuasion - influencing attitudes and behaviours Persuasivespeech - intended to influence opinion or behaviour of an audience - Material derived from problems about which people hold differing beliefs and opinions - Tell audience what they should believe or do Speech of conviction - speaker encouraging a listener to believe as he/she does Speech of actuation - encouraging audience membersto take action (e.g., buy a product) Standards: Theory of field related standards: - Suggests that not all people reach conclusions the same way - May react differently than others to the same evidence Group-norm standards - general thinking of a particular group Individual norm standards - operates on the notion that getting the backing of the person in power may be a good way to influence the rest of the audience and a group members Principles to consider when attempting to get audience responses: - Principle of liking: people like those who like them, so finding a bond is key - Principle of reciprocity:people will repay, so give what you want to receive - Principle of social proof: us examples, people follow the lead of those who are similar to them - Principles of consistency:people are morelikely to make their commitmentsif they are based on voluntary choices - Principle of authority - Principle of scarcity Speaker credibility: Ethos: reputation, prestige, and authority of the speaker Credible speaker has three credibility needs to be persuasive: - Competencethrough experience - Competencethrough authority - Charisma - Character Logical arguments - structure - Clear statementof the purpose of the speech - Good reasons that you want the audience to believe you in the proposal - Reference to credible sources There are many appeals to motivatelisteners Mo
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