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Lecture 3

CCJS 300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Hirsutism, Anabolic Steroid, Complications Of Pregnancy

Criminology and Criminal Justice
Course Code
CCJS 300
Alan Lehman

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-German Olympic athletes forced to dope up
-Women had unfortunate consequences, hair, voice drops, etc.
-1961, communists built wall to stop citizens from fleeing West
-Berlin wall split Germany in two, kept West in while government looked for ways to govern
-Everything became about exceling in sports
-Sold to citizens as something amazing to be a student athlete, no school just sports
-Spartacus games were a big deal, carefully choreographed to distract from the economic boom
on the other side of the wall
-Successful athletes got privileges others didn’t, communist version of fortune and fame
-By 1974, party leaders met with sports committee to decide best way to get medals, State Plan
Theme 425, testing male hormones on women
-O.T. was an anabolic steroid given to promising athletes to increase muscle mass and make
recovery faster
-Athletes were not told what pills they were getting, the word doping was not used, they were
supporting drugs
-Pills were slipped in with other things when children were younger
-Taboo about asking questions about what pills they were taking
-Many had barely reached puberty before getting pills
-East Germans expectations were high, despite low economic conditions, they poured money in
-Steroids combined with a punishing training regimen
-Coaches were obligated to get medals
-Scientists were always looking for ways to increase power of the drugs
-Capitalist incentive used to make sure they trained athletes right
-Montreal Olympics was the first test, East Germany won 40 medals, crushed the U.S. in the
pool especially
-Government was taking steps to continue the doping, secured by the Stasi
-Doctors forced to sign a confidentiality agreement
-Began giving women contraceptives as soon as they hit puberty
-Pills kept athletes training by giving them regular periods and kept them from steroid induced
pregnancy complications
-Other side effects included heart disease and liver damage
-Jorg Seifers died in the pool, never talked about, his heart stopped, but everyone said he
-Shotput women failed drug test, coaches had been handing out pills until the very last minute
instead of stopping 2 weeks before so the traces were out of their system
-Athletes then went under prescreening and were told it was to protect them from accusations
-Girls started to realize they were putting on weight, yet still swimming faster, their voices were
changing, their noses and their hands got bigger, unusual hair growth
-Girls with these changes were not allowed to give interviews
-Athletes never told the cause, just dropped from the program
-Injured players were put back on the court much before they were healed
-Russians performed drug tests, but everyone passed, instead doctors injected them with pure
testosterone to take place of the O.T.
-After the Olympics, athletes went through major withdrawals, aggression, excessive hair
growth, enflamed ovaries, etc.
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