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Lecture 11

EDHD 411 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: In-Group Favoritism

Education, Human Development
Course Code
EDHD 411
Lucas Butler

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Monday, April 17, 2017
Race, Gender, and Social Groups
-Social Categories
An identity that connects you to a particular group
But can be used to define boundaries of a group as well
-Group Formation: Robbers Cave
In-group formation
-24 12-year-old boys with similar backgrounds
-Neither group knew of the others existence
-Developed a group identity
Friction Phase
-First contact between groups
-Competitions, conflicts
An Integration Phase
-Reducing friction
-Common (superordinate goals)
Sherif et al. (1954)
-Short-Term Social Groups
Half-day summer program
Students assigned to wear blue and yellow shirts
-Either based on hair color or randomly
Used these categories functionally
-e.g. for assigning board work, organizing students to walk to class, etc.
After six weeks
-80% liked their group best
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