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Lecture 17

EDPS 210 Lecture 17: Criticism of 3 ideas

Education Policy Studies
Course Code
EDPS 210

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Criticism of 3 ideas Connection 3 correlations in
Merely privative nature of
False idea of growth as
having an end (goal,
purpose) instead of being
an end
Failure to take account of
instinctive or naitve
powers of the young
Static adjustment of a
fixed environment
Failure to develop
initiative in dealing with
novel situations
Rigidity of habit An undue emphasis on
drill and automatic skills
Interest vs. relevance
Interest to the students
Relevance: what needs to be taught/learned
oTeachers want to be at high interest and relevance
oStudents often feel like its high relevance and low interest
Theory of interest
Subjective (symbolizes something)
Objective (thing)
Interest vs. effort
Shared assumption: what is learned is external
oArgument against
Younger hunter (in over interest) confuse end as all and
ignores mean to the end
If habituated students will only exert effort when something is
made interesting
Two types of pleasure
Accompaniment of activity: generated by the needs of the organism
oSelf expression, internal realization of outgoing energy, absorption in
the activity itself
Contact: comes from the external
oMarks receptivity
oWe take interest
We get pleasure
oNot as activity
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