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Lecture 12

GEOG 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Sea Level Rise, Subsistence Agriculture, Maquiladora

Geographical Sciences
Course Code
GEOG 130

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March 13, 2019
Why is migration like a mathematical formula:
Must take into account push and pull factors
People that migrate long distances will have different factors
Why do people migrate?
Environmental (X-factor)
Explain why the environment is the X-factor
Unknown, it is unpredictable
It is always changing (sea level rise, temperature changing)
Natural disasters occur suddenly and where people live
Where the population is exploding is most susceptible to natural disasters
Uncontrollable, we do not know when it is going to happen
Creates massive amounts of migration
Health is being debated as a sixth factor
Rural-to-Urban Migration: Mexico City Case Study
How did mexico city become one of the largest cities in the world?
Population increase: population began increasing in 2930s when the
mortality began declining and constant high fertility
Transportation hub: mexico city has grown as a result of being the center
of the country’s road and rail network
Manufacturing center: most jobs are located here
Media center: media is concentrated here, influencing perception about
city life with telenovelas and tv shows
Commercial agriculture: 1940’s instead of supporting subsistence
agriculture the government promoted commercial agriculture
Unemployment: this created unemployment at high rates both in the
agriculture and mining
Rural to urban migration: since WW2, there has been massive migration
from the rural areas to mexico city, border towns, industrial towns, and
Government services: education, health services, administrative services,
Oil Boom: 1977, the city was booming from oil profits, which began
construction projects
Governmental policies: mexican government compounded the problem by
abandoning any serious to regulate migration
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