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Lecture 19

GEOG 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Socioeconomic Status

Geographical Sciences
Course Code
GEOG 130

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April 15, 2019
Ethnic Conflict
What is important about ethnic identity?
Ethnicity serves as a rallying point so members can compete for:
Economic resources
Positions in government
Positions in social and economic institutions
Government contracts and benefits
Constitutional protections
Social and religious status
Ethnicity provides individual membership to be a part of an ethnic group
An essential component of ethnicity of a strong sense of identity
Ethnic pluralism: the presence of many different ethnic groups within a specific
geographical boundary (multiple nations inside a state)
Ethnic diversity often results from conquest and annexation
Why the Europeans were successful in colonizing Africa and other split regions
Causes of ethnic conflict:
Few conflicts are just about ethnicity, often fueled by other divisions such as:
Skin color
Religious affiliation
Regional ties
Socio-economic status
Geographical proximity of different groups
Outside interference play on the ethnic differences
Prejudice/hatred sets the stage for conflicts
Leaders use ethnic conflict to promote their own objectives
Competition for scarce economic resources is a major conflict
Modernization leads to certain groups to acquire new values, access to modern
ways of life, and often have less tolerance for traditional cultures
Helps to eliminate boundaries that are essential to ethnic solidarity and a
sense of identity
Creates new identities and rearranges cultural and physical boundaries
Weak political institutions often contribute to ethnic violence
Political leaders use excessive force to control marginalized ethnic groups which
creates ethnic conflict
Transition to democracy contribute to ethnic violence
Many governments are unwilling to respect the individual or ethnic group
Many ethnic groups are reluctant to compromise and to respect other
points of views
Access to weapons
The cost of ethnic conflict
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