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Janna Bianchini

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Jews, Lepers, Heretics 4/10/13 12 C Persecuting Society- hating of scholasticism, - outbreak of “heresy” (belief differs from accepted church doctrine- Orthodoxy) - 12 and 13 Century- popular heresy (movements of popular followings of individual preachers), intellectual heresy, deeply entrenched heretical movements - Church mobilizes major institutional effort to eradicate heresy (even violence) Causes of heresy th - Not Church: comes from 12 C Renaissance (organize and codify law and theology) o Forces groups to external and illegal position, create new community of right thinking Christian believers - Perception of outburst of heretics, but really different social groups stigmatized same way same time (heretics, Jews, Lepers (person w/ leprosy), women, homosexual men) o They’re deceitful, polluted, and satanic o Broader intellectual and social change (how society defines itself and the other) o People have clearer idea of what heresy is and actively look for it  Rooted in Gregorian Reform (changes were novel, freedom of church) but reformed monasteries still got rich so people looked elsewhere - Church doesn’t live up to promises, theological reform (Scholastic movement), affected daily lives (sacraments/ rituals, baptism, marriage) o Babies need to be baptized as soon as they were born b/c original sin exists in soul straight from birth so baptism cleanses soul (but babies who die before baptized can’t get into heaven) o General belief had been that children can’t sin until reach Age of Reason (age 7)  Early heresy grew from these issues/ disputes in beliefs th Second half of 12 Century: 2 Heretics groups arise at same time Waldensians- followers of Waldo, appear after growth of towns which evidently have economic disparities (great wealth vs great poverty) - Peter Waldo- hears Jesus’ command in bible (sell possessions and give to poor) o Lives off of charity and travels to preach (like Jesus and his apostles) o Starts teaching contrary info to church:  Bible should be translated into the Vernacular (languages everyone can speak, was only available in Latin)  encourages followers to preach about what they read (church doesn’t want untrained men/ women offering instruction to the masses) - Start preaching that established church has no authority b/c is corrupt o Church consider him a dangerous heretic Cathars (Albigensians) – didn’t like Waldensians b/c competing for same followers - Doctrines were similar though: embraced Christ- like poverty (living in poverty like Jesus), denied authority of church and validity of its sacraments,
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