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HIST 111
Janna Bianchini

Courts of Love and Cathedrals of Light 4/17/13 Marriage and Love in the High Middle Ages - Polygyny and concubines were annulled after pressure on the church - Charlemagne at 4 wives at different times, monogamy becomes important in Carolingian period - Marriage is an indissoluble bond (no divorce allowed) o Was a bonus for women as their status became more secure Church Marriage - Scholastic attention to what marriage is o Against strong objection of rich lay people: priority is that marriage is a free choice by couple o Doesn’t want kids marriage against will by families seeking marriage alliance o Ensure that married couples not too closely related - Valid marriage Requires 1. Free and mutual consent of the couple  Doesn’t need families’ consent, witnesses or priests 2. Sex- consummation (completes) the marriage Loopholes: - If can reasonably prove that spouse never had sex then marriage is invalid - can’t marry anyone within 7 degree of kinship (can’t share ancestor in last 7 generations) - If do then is consanguinity (incest) - Becomes the most common reason for divorce - Especially btwn royals and nobles as married w/in elite social group - Did reduced likelihood of second marriages led to fewer men getting opportunity to marry in the first place - Younger sons don’t have economic or political resources to marry - clerical celibacy forbids many men to marry (priests) - war primarily fought by young men so many killed off Rise of Lyric Poetry (originates in S. France) - emotional, personal and dedicated to feelings (similar to religion which is more about emotional connection to God) - sung by troubadours- of all social classes (even nobles) and genders - modern notions of romantic, unrequited love invented - when rejected, doesn’t know the other exists, love at f
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