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Expansion of Islam

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HIST 133

The expansion of islam I. Roman empire in the west II. Roman empire in west III. The persians IV. Pre-islam arabia V. The founding of islam VI. Islamic expansion Roman Republic, 509-27 BCE replaces king two consuls, 1 year term with elected by males Senate supposed to be checks and balances Roman republic fell with Caesar First emperor Augustus (Caesar adopted son) Kept senate to reassure people Expanded a lot After him mix of shitty and good emperor Empire partionined 395 ce East and west Spilt by Diocletian 285-305 ce Map of Roman Republic 44 BCE Barbarians Gaul Uncivilisied Visigoths Germanic, goths many groups and many tribes Sack rome 410 ce Imgrated to rome in exchange for military service They were abused Second class citizens Not real citizens 2 days and not kill anyone Vandals Sack rome 453 ce sack rome for 2 weeks Huns they force everyone to move Huns did not cause downfall of rome Push goths towards rome Fall of rome in 476 Fall in the west East they start speaking greek, (they are greek, byzantine and call themselves Roman) Byzantine Emperor Justininan Goal to combine east and west Unified the roman legal code Tried to restore roman Made hagia sophia Worlds largest dome Got some land back Roman Persian Wars Parthian empire 247- Sassanin Empire 224-651 Last Iranian empire before islam they were Zoroastrianism Zoroaster(6th century bce) Ahura mazada good Ahriman bad god Lots of evidence this influnced Largest jewish areas Buddism in the east And Christians Mix success against Justinian long war with
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