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Lecture 17

HIST 133 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Pope Urban I, Imad Ad-Din Zengi, Holy Land

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HIST 133

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Hist 133 Midterm Study Guide for Word definition
Possible Vocabularies to defined:
Alexios I (First Crusade)
- Byzantine emperor during the first crusade
- Asked Pope Urban I for help
- Oaths from the barons in the four armies
- Battle of Nicaea and People’s Crusade
- Comena’s husband
Great Schism (1054)
- Official division of the west and east Christianity
- West (Western Catholicism) and East (Orthodox Christian)
- Pope and Patriarch powers become separate
- Different beliefs between the two sides
- Holy war against the infidels
- Can only be declared by the caliphate
- Used to rally the Muslims against a certain foe
- Similar to the Christian’s call for crusade
- Used by Zengi and his son, Nur-ad-Din
Siege and Massacre of Jerusalem (1099)
- Jerusalem was under Muslim rule for years already
- Long siege (1 year) with actual siege engines and ladders
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