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Lecture 15

HIST 357 Lecture 15: HIST357Lec15

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HIST 357
Howard Smead

Kent State Massacre, May 4, 1970 • Members of national guard open fire on protestors • 4 student demonstrators killed, 9 wounded • Mass public outrage • Additional issues at New Mexico State, a HBCU in Jacksonville, MS • By end of week, one million people showed up in DC for a protest march Getting out: "Peace w/ honor" • Paris peace talks o Nixon becomes president, peace talks resume o Recent evidence suggests Nixon purposefully sabotages early stages of peace talks to have SV hold out until he becam presiden • Mad man theory o Kissinger warned NV to make agreement or risk total destruction by Nixon • Opening to China o Nixon becomes open to recognizing China on the world stage, was seen as a way to potentially have China influence NV into making a deal • The China Card o Make nice with china, china eager to be fully established as a world power • Détente with soviets o Slacking the tension between USA/USSR, hoping Soviets would cut off 'Nam. • War powers act Easter Offensive • March 30-October 22, 1972 • Test of Vietnami
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