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Lecture 21

HIST 357 Lecture 21: HIST357Lec21

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HIST 357
Howard Smead

Students Left and Right • SDS o Leftists o Port Huron Statement (June11-15, 1962) o "participatory democracy" • YAF o Conservative o Sharon Statement (Sept 11, 1960) o "Liberty is indivisible" o Networks and remained organized o Balance between monarchy and unfettered democracy o Conservation of individual liberty o Many of them end up working in politics in the transition into the 1970s • Working for conservative candidates, senators, reps, and ultimately the president Moral Majority • "The 4th Great Awakening" • Jerry Falwell • Thomas Road Baptist Church • Televangelist, "Old Time Gospel Hour" • An organization promoting "pro-God, pro-Family" values in government o Traditional values o Traditional gender roles o Morality ratings o Free market capitalism o Gov't stop supporting secular humanism Population shift to Sunbelt • Massive population shifts to the south half of the country o NV +146%, for example • More conservatives in south, more conservatives in congress Neo-conservatives • Foreign Policy Hawks • Disillusioned liberals "mugged by reality" • Denounced post-Vietnam liberal foreign policy as defeatists and isolationist • Made conservatism intellectually respectable • Put off by Anti-Americanism of "New Left" Conservative revival major factors • YAF & Sharon Statement • Tax Revolt o Proposition 13 o Cut 57% of property taxes in California alone, limit increases of 1% o Howard Jarvis • PACs (political action committees) o Unlimited soft money • Direct mail (targeted mailing) o Richard Vigurie o Ge
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