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Lecture 18

HIST 357 Lecture 18: HIST357Lec18

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HIST 357
Howard Smead

Jimmy Carter • Before Presidency: • Southern Progressive (D), doesn't believe in big government beaurocracy, and no racism, Beats Ford o Ford has the campaign costed because he pardoned Nixon • Born-again Christian, first (and only) evangelical Christian president o Very humble • A good man, but a failed president • Human Rights • Energy Policy • Camp David Accords (July 15, 1979) o First peace treaty between Israel and an Arab state o Egypt was not well served by Soviet Union, wanted to peace treaty with Israel o Could not hammer out peace treaty, until Carter hosts and mediates conflict. • Jordan follows suit shortly thereafter • Panama Canal Treaty o Treaty will end with Panama at end of century o USA will give canal to Panama • Causes massive crapstorm, known as a "giveback" • Reputation of being weak placed onto Carter • However, indication of American strength that we could do this • SALT II (1979) o Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, part II, an extension of detente o Blocked by his own party • Malaise Speech o Summer of 1979 o Carter in trouble, gives extraordinary speech o Speech about national energy crisis • Another embargo, more gas lines o Tries to be honest with public Iran Hostage Crisis • Fall of Shah of Iran (1979) o Placed back in power in mid 50s by CIA o Pro-Western, modernists o Begins to increase public education, women's rights, etc. o However, almost too much westernization between 50s and '79, specifically in 60s • Begins to crack down on students who were rising up o Begins to get distanced by Carter because of human rights violations o Uprising in 1979, not helping Shah anymore during this uprising, Shah overthrown. • Not helped by USA until he is welcomed into US for cancer treatment ▪ Triggers series of events in Tehran • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini o Had been in exile in Paris since '50s o Takes power of Islamic State of Iran • Hostage Crisis (Nov. 4, 1979) o Seizing of Embassy by Iranian soldiers • Soviets invade Afghanistan (December, 1979) o Way to prop up a Marxist regime in Afghanistan o Beginning of Radical Islam • Eagle Claw (April 24, 1980) o 8 Americans killed before Iranians even knew there was a hostage rescue on the way o Americans not rescued until 1981 The Culture of the 1970s; Politics and Pop Culture • Legacies of the 1960s o Corporate economy • Corporations become central unit of American economy • Top 87 corporations owned 46% of assets in country ▪ Garner 88% of all profit generated by American business o Society • Dominated by young people (baby boomers in 20s) • Changing the culture, delaying marriage ▪ Birth control ▪ Abortion becomes legal in every state ▪ Large families become not the norm o Population • Highly mobile ▪ 1/3 of American population is moving every year ▪ Moving to Sun Belt--south and southeast o Cities • Poor black, white flight at it's peak • Black middle class joins in the 1970s o Accelerated growt
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