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Lecture 2

KNES 293 Lecture 2: The Long Residuals

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KNES 293
Michael Friedman

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The Long Residuals
Kaepernick’s Protest
2016 season Kaepernick refused to stand for National Anthem
Protesting the treatment of African Americans within the US
Highly visible protests provoked strong reactions of support and
The NFL’s Response
Kaepernick was released from 49ers, despite solid play
No other NFL team offered him a contract
Basically blacklisted due to his activism
The Long Residuals
A central focus of this course is on what sport history scholar
Stephen Hardy calls the “long residuals.”
Continuities and discontinuities as the practices and institutions
of sport and physical activity have changed (or not) over time and
discussing the reasons these changes have occurred
Examining the multitude of relationships and legacies existing
between the past and present
Interrogating these relationships and legacies through the long
residuals will provide us with a better understanding American
society at particular points in time and our existence as
individuals within history
How Can We Understand Kaepernick’s Protest?
Using the tools of the long residuals
A Player Wonders (Villanueva)
“Does he not have a job because of his qualities, or does he not
have a job because something is affecting him based on what he
did last year?”
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“I think as players, as Americans, everybody wants to believe that
it is because of his abilities. I have no idea what quarterback is
supposed to do on the field. I haven’t looked at his tape. I don’t
know the thought process behind ratings. I don’t know any of
those things.”
o Saying that if you are capable of performing, then you
should get the job
“It would be very unfortunate if a player was trying to voice his
feelings, his opinions, in a peaceful protest, and because of that he
got punished. At the same time, this is also a business. There is
money involved.”
o It is important to remember that the NFL is a business
o The government cannot punish you for expressing free
speech, but NFL can
People are less likely to go to the game if Kaepernick
is on the roster
Sport as a Political Platform
Sport has frequently been a space for overt political displays
These displays often support and promote status quo
Race in the United States
Few topics in American history have been more controversial
than race relationships
People have been fighting for and resisting the expansion of civil
rights for African American for decades
Race in Physical Culture
Given its symbolic importance within broader American culture,
sport and physical culture have been central spaces within the
fight for civil rights
Racial Protest in Physical Culture
Olympic protest (1968)
Kaepernick (2017)
Harry Edwards
o Connects both of these protest
o Mentor of Kaepernick and at those Olympics
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