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Lecture 3

LING 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, Noam Chomsky

Course Code
LING 240
Margaret Antonisse

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Ling240 Lecture 3:Scientific Method
What do we mean by Speaker Competence?
Knowledge vs performance
Speech errors
Speakers’ judgements about grammatical and ungrammatical forms
Sue is easy to please
Sue is eager to please
It is easy to please Sue
It is eager to please Sue
Reactions- What makes something a sentence?
1. Something is a sentence if it makes sense (wrong)
2. “Who’s there?” “It’s me” is ungrammatical (Wrong)
Are there grammatical utterances that are not meaningful? Of course
Famous example: Colorless green ideas sleep furiously (Noam Chomsky)
Ideas who are green cannot be woken up by mere mortals
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