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Lecture 2

LING 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Scientific Method, Universal Grammar

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LING 240
Margaret Antonisse

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Ling240-Lecture 2:Different types of Grammar
Ability of a pattern/rule to re-apply an infinite number of times
Property of human language
Ability to produce and understand potentially unboundedly long sentences
Rule governed
What are possessives?
A word or grammatical structure used to indicate a relationship of possession
Ex: Pocketbook belonging to the girl
What is a Prepositional Phrase?
A modifying phrase consisting of a proposition and its object
We can combine possessives and prepositional phrases
Ex: The pocketbook belongs to the girl who lives next door
By using prepositional phrases, our sentences can be longer and more complex
Here are some more prepositions
1. About 7. Below
2. Above 8. Beneath
3. Across 9. Besides
4. After 10. Between
5. Against 11. Behind
6. Along 12. By
13. Concerning 14. Despite
Taking a few steps backwards...
What do we store in our mental grammar?
That’s it!
Now we can use rules to combine those units in particular patterns
Sounds combine to form morphemes
Words combine to form sentences
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