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Lecture 8

LING 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Phoneme, Mental Representation, Front Vowel

Course Code
LING 240
Margaret Antonisse

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Ling240-Lecture 8:Phonemes and Allophones, Rules
Is the pronunciation predictable?
[ɾ] [] [t
Water Button Treat
Writer Litmus Try
Butter Mitten Trade
Notable Carton Trend
Do you see a pattern?
[t^h] occurs at the beginning of a stressed syllable
[ɾ] occurs between a stressed and unstressed vowel
Stored representations vs. Actual
Articulatory Processes
Establish a set of phonemes (phonemic inventory) of a language
How do linguists figure out the phonemic inventory of a language?
How do they determine that some sounds are variant pronunciations of one mental
sound and other sounds as distinct?
First step: Look for minimal pairs
Allophones of /t/
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