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Lecture 36

PHIL 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 36: Clip Art, Microsoft Powerpoint

Course Code
PHIL 100

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General Requirements:
30 minutes
Presentation Plan
o Outlines goals/agenda for your presentation
o States audience, goals, audience accommodation, and interactive features
of presentation
o 8-20 slides that take 15-20 minutes to present (including Q and A)
o Email to professor no later than evening before presentation date
o Hand the professor a print out copy before presentation
o Each member must present at least 3 slides
o Bibliography:
! Simple: URL, date, document name
! Include images- not for clip art or OG photos
Interactive Class Activity
o 10 minutes
! Possible ex: quiz, role play competition, worksheet, examples they
have to analyze/correct, short written assignment
o If we need copies, tell professor the class before we present
Peer Review
o Submitted two classes before we go
Pocket Folder
o Team member’s names, course + section #, and presentation date
! Contains:
Presentation Plan:
o Printed out with final written on it
o print out in handout or notes layout
o Write final on it
Each team member’s ASSN packet opened to show matrix
o Peer review forms filled out
Grant application component: Budget
o (incl. income, direct costs, indirect costs, budget narrative)
Learning Objective
What a grant application’s budget section can include
What it looks like
Do’s and Don’t
Break down into steps and teach
what a grant application’s budget section can include, what it looks like.
Can focus on income and expense as the main categories.
Find examples of an annual nonprofit budget for income and expenses.
Include at least one sample
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