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Lecture 18

PSYC 221 Lecture 18: Political Psychology 2

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PSYC 221
Dylan Selterman

• Motivated Reasoning o Biased information processing ▪ Source derogation, confirmation bias ▪ Backfire effect – attitude polarization ▪ Solutions • Self-affirmation o Tell them they have a point • Same-ideology source o Frame an idea coming from a person they like o How to beat motivated thinking ▪ It’s not intelligence. It’s not information ▪ We need smarter, better educated citizens, right? • The more information hypothesis isn’t just wrong. It is backwards. o Math ability helps when a question is not political, but reverses when the question is political ▪ The smarter a person is, the dumber politics can make them o Intelligence and knowledge backfire ▪ Because we use our intellectual abilities to confirm what we already believe o The more curious people are, the more likely they are to find the correct result o Scientific curiosity ▪ Not intelligence, but interest • Time spent reading articles, books, watching documentaries ▪ Evenly distributed across population, including political leanings • So yes, there are scientifically curious republicans • The Rise of Donald Trump mIIm o Prejudice (race and religion) o Existential anxiety, which predicts authoritarianism and strong leaders ▪ Preference for hierarchy and stability are more important than equality ▪ Group unity over individual differences
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