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Chapter 9 Sexuality 10/27/2013 I. Attitudes about Casual Sex We hold a permissiveness with affection standard: believe sex between unmarried partners is fine as long as it is in committed, caring relationship Men are more permissive, think casual sex is okay Women regret their actions, men regret their inactions There is a sexual double standard with men and women=men with multiple partners are studs, women are sluts Man with STD judged less harshly than woman II. Attitudes about Same sex Sexuality In 2010, 52% of americans thought gays/lesbian relations are morally right People accept it if they believe it is a biological influence that makes someone gay, people don’t accept it if they think it is a choice 53% percent of americans oppose gay marriage but numbers are falling b/c they are denied legal benefits(health insurance..) III. Cultural difference in Sexual Attitudes U.S. holds more conservative views about premarital sex, extramarital sex, and same sex relations than Australia, Germany, G.B., Israel, Russia, Sweden and Spain Denmark, Norway, Sweden approved gay marriage in 80’s/90’s African Americans have more permissive sexual attitudes, than Hispanics, then Asians African Americans less accepting of gays IV. Sex for the First Time 95% of people have sex before marriage, mostly at 17 Americans teens are more careful now but not careful enough b/c more STDs occur now than 25 years ago Most teens in committed relationship when having sex for first time Women more ambivalent and opposed to first time sex, only 1/3 want to do it 1/3 of men ambivalent, most want it to happen Sex turns out bad when it doesn’t follow expressions of love V. Sex in Committed Relationship Four themes underlie reasons to have sex: Emotional=communication of love Physical=pleasure and attraction Pragmatic=obtain a goal Insecurity=boost self esteem/keep from leaving Men have sex for more physical, pragmatic, insecure reasons Cohabiting young couples have sex three times a week, married couples two times a week, singles not as much b/c no partners Only half of men/women in fifties have sex b/c decreased hormones with aging, decreased physical health/desires Passion partners feel simmer down over long haul b/c become familiar and routine/ novelty lost Gay men have more sex than lesbians and heterosexuals but after ten years they have more dramatic decline Lesbians have less sex than any other group VI. Infidelity Extradyadic sex=having sex outside couple w/ someone else 21% of women and 32% of men have been sexually unfaithful at least once men more likely to cheat b/c of casual attitudes, want more variety, whereas women want more emotional connections Gay men have most extradyadic sex than both lesbians and heterosexuals Different approaches to sex emerge from sociosexual orientations=traitlike collection of beliefs/behaviors describing feelings about sex “restricted”=willing to have sex in committed relationship only “unrestricted”=less closeness/less commitment for sex men more unrestricted, unrestricted people cheat more unrestricted women have masculine faces, but men think they are less desirable long term mates unrestricted men look more masculine but women do not prefer those faces for long term mates b/c risky husbands Good genes hypothesis=some women can profit from dual mating strategy when they pursue long term mates who gives resources and feed offspring while seeking good genes from other men for children Women more attracted to extradyadic mates when fertile and this is more likely when primary partners are unattractive Women whose partners have similar genes more likely to have sex with other men when fertile 1 out of 400 pairs of fraternal twins have different fathers sperm competition=sperm from two/more men in vagina at same time deep thrusts force sperm already present behind head of penis, which pulls sperm out of woman people more likely to cheat when alternatives are high; women more likely to break up after cheating; both men and women will cheat if current sex is boring VII. Sexual Desire Men have higher sex drives than women Men masturbate more often-half of
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