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Chapter 11: Cognitive Disorders and Life Span Issues Dementia - Memory impairment and… - Aphasia (deficit in language), Apraxia (inability to carry out motor activity even when able to function), Agnosia (inability to recognize objects, know that keys open doors but can’t remember what called), Disturbance in executive functioning (difficulty w/ steps, making spaghetti) - Changes in emotional and personality functioning - Trouble controlling impulses and poorer judgment (shop lifting) Etiology: Alzheimer’s disease - Usually after age of 65 - Psychiatric symptoms- agitation, irritability, apathy, dysphoria - Progression includes profound memory loss and disorientation (forget who/ where they are) - Further progression to violence and experience of hallucinations and delusions - Death w/in 8 to 10 years - Biological causes: brain abnormalities (neuron diagram in book, impede movement/ transmission of messages from going around cell, twisted filaments) o form plaque (proteins that shouldn’t be there and interfere in transmits) and tangles cause extermination of dendrites or become shorter so can’t transmit messages (memory loss) Vascular disease- blood vessels in brain create stroke (instance of blockage of vascular system in brain) Head injury Progressive diseases (HIV) Chronic drug abuse Treatments for Dementia - Medications: cholinestera
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