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PSYC 353
Richard Yi

Chapter 15: Health Psychology 12/5/12 Psychological Factors and Health Stress- uncontrollability, unpredictability, duration [ex. Natural disasters cause more stress than bad wealth b/c unpredictability, job lay- offs, longer the stress the worse it is] Associated Features - Resilience- capacity to respond productively to stressful events o If know blizzard is coming and will lose power, then those w/ resilience will feel more prepared and might stock up on food and resources. Others will freak out - Pessimism- interprets negative effects as one’s own fault, and believe stressor likely to continue o Stressful event happened b/c deserve it or could’ve prevented it and I didn’t - Coping strategies o Poor strategy is avoidance (deny or don’t address stressor) o Good one is directly confronting stressor (writing, seek social support) - Gender/ culture - Personality o Type A Personality (poor for health): time urgency, hostility, easily aroused, competitive Interventions - Guided mastery techniques- goal is to promote self- efficacy belief - The internet Sleep and Health - Poor sleep related to poorer physical health - Poor sleep related to impaired psychological functioning - Stress is a frequent contributor to sleeping problems Sleep Cycle Stage 1- alpha waves (high frequency) Stage 2- sleep spindles (bursts of high frequency), k- complex (brief, but big rises and falls) Stage 3- delta waves (lower frequency)- restorative sleep to recover from the day Stage 4- occurs greater than 50% of time [check book] REM sleep (rapid eye movement), no motor activity,
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